❤ Free Silks and more..

Cristine Easterling has the pleasure of offering some stuff for all Blog’s Followers.

You can find high quality items for Slave Girls and clothes OOC ..available here:

*SLAVE* DreSSing RooM {G O R E A N}


I love to receive your comments, review and suggestions !! Leave a comment in this page (can be anonymous)


SinChains vendSirenaSilks vendsilks all primsjust slave vendDana Silks Mesh vendButterfly vend




















SlaveCollar posterSlave collar C vendDevotionis vend











OpenSweater vendSensualSilkDress MESH vendPeekaboo mesh dress vendNicole DreSs vendMakeUpGiorgiaLingerie vendBlackValentine vendHauteCoutureCorset vendCorsetMiniDress vendBarefeet RIGGEDMESH tiptoes vend

7 thoughts on “❤ Free Silks and more..

  1. Christine, Your creations and your group are both awesome. The best group of helpful, friendly lovely people in SL. Your creations cross several areas within SL for bdsm, Gorean, role play worlds.. great work and thank you for your gifts. I look forward to them each month. You can hold your head up high, be very proud of your successes and I am positive you make your Master proud to have you on His chain. Keep on doing exactly what you are sweetie, great job! ~Charlene Beyaz

  2. LOVE free group gifts!!! I think its a great way to keep people wanting to stay and keep following within a group and have people try out new items.

  3. I love the group gifts… I love the Lucky chairs. But most of all I love the detail and choices in the outfits. Such beautiful seductive outfits!! Christine is amazing!

  4. you are kind, and talented, thank you so much for dressing us with beautiful outfits, thank you !

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