The Se Kara Sardar Fairs

Citizens of Gor, the time has come to show your homage to the glory of being Gorean. Calling all cities to bring your Skilled Warriors,  Freewomen and enchanting slaves.
The Sardar Fair has arrived! Three days of competition, exhibitions, and every wonder under Gor.
Will your city be the elite to beat out all others?
There are thousands in Lindens and prizes to be won. Events everyday…Bosk Races, Dance Competitions, Combat Chariots, Boat Races, Tarns and much much more!
It will be a Merchants Paradise, bring your caravans, goods and merchandise as The Sardar opens her lands to Fair Grounds for trade, fun and sport.

This is a ROLEPLAY Event  Sept 18 – 19 – 20th

—> Sardar

*Event timetable*

12pm SLT — Dance competition

  Slaves from all over Gor are welcome! To bring glory and honour to  your owners and your cities through your beauty and grace. Competition will be held in a chance dance format. A randomly picked out topic will be given to you 5 minutes before your time starts. In other words, be prepared for — Anything!

2pm SLT — Bosk Cart races

Open to women only !!! A precursor to the full fledged chariot race to be held on Monday for the men, this cart race has no weapons and no fighting involved. Simply make sure you dont fall off the track till the end of the race…. And of course race ahead to come before all the rest ! Not for the faint of heart though for controlling these big beasts is no mean task !

4pm SLT — Magician show

Join us as Spyke McCallister Kayvon joins us for a special performance to mystify us with his magic and illusions. Renowned for his ability to amaze and astound, the show is sure to be a thriller!

6pm SLT — Tarn battle

  Battle royale of the most massive proportions! The last tarn to stay up in the air —- wins. Currently the competition will allow only House of Rau tarns and Toran tarns. Should you wish to enter with some other tarn into the competition please contact a Lands of Sardar mod to get your tarn authenticated in advance.

2pm SLT — Chariot race

Armed to the teeth… These thalarion borne chariots are a wonder to behold indeed. Both a race and a fight, can you keep these ferocious beasts in check while also batting away the opposing team? (NOTE : The chariot itself is a weapon but you are allowed to use your bow as well)

5pm SLT — Creative undressing contest

  How creative can you actually be while undressing a Master? Think you have seen it all and done it all? Well this time we add a twist in it… Not only will you have to emote undressing a Master of your choice but you must do so while including a predefined set of words in your emotes. If you cannot bring a Master with you, feel free to seduce one from the audience. ~grins~ (NOTE: This is a pair event. Both Master and slave will be expected to emote though of course the slave does all the actual “work”)

7pm SLT — Foot race

Free, slave, male or woman… Each and every person is welcome to this massive foot race ! Dont be surprised if some surprises are thrown in your path though. We may just have some for you ~grins~

2pm SLT — Boat race

River racing like you would have never seen it before. Think you have what it takes to control these custom scripted boats? Then come by and give it a shot ! Tight turns, straight stretches… And of course the other boats constantly bumping into you. Its sure to be an adventure.

4pm SLT — The hunt !

  Ever been on a treasure hunt? Sure we all have! Ever been in a treasure hunt where the clues dont make sense? There’s a twist !!! Find out who the locals are and ask them !!! Kidnap a local slave and force them to tell you ! Use your imagination !!! ~grins~

6pm SLT — Sword Tournament

Come join us as warriors from all over Gor converge to fight for honour and glory (and a nice bag of coins to go with it of course). Come root for your cities. Come root for your friends !!!

8pm SLT — Caravans packing up roleplay – end of fair….

With the sword tournament ending the day’s festivities it is time to pack up and head towards home. Please note that the Lands of Sardar stop being a safezone at this time.

9pm SLT — Incomming Raid – Caravans & People not desiring to participate should hit the trail home.

The fairs of course have always been protected by Merchant law for as long as one can remember. What is less known is a well known City that fell and ended up occupied by outlaws have been paid to leave caravans going up to the fair unharmed. But does that safeguard those returning as well? Can the outlaws and bandits resist picking on the poorly defended stragglers once the fair is concluded? No one knows for certain… but one thing is for certain. Where booty exists so does danger and should you not wish to be caught up it would be best to depart with the bulk of your caravan.

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