Coming Soon.. VINTAGE FAIR 2011

“It’s COMING and we are EXCITED!! The first ever VINTAGE FAIR 2011 will be running from November 11th through December 3rd with over 200 vendors of hair clothing and accessories. Lulu Castiglione spoke with the power behind the event, Keira Seerose, and has all the details for you to get your appetite whetted for the big opening and the weeks of the fair – with plenty of time to take it all in. We are happy to support such an ambitious and well designed Vintage themed project.” – Phideaux Mayo, Owner of Retropolitan Magazine

“Beulah Mills had a dream. She wanted to host a fair that consisted of Vintage designers and merchants. Unfortunately Mills, the former manager of the illustrious fashion and vintage house Ivalde, left SL before she could see her dream come to fruition. Good friend and colleague Keira Seerose, owner of CHIC Management, helped to realize this dream”

“…unique and offbeat vintage based merchants, coupled with some of SL’s biggest fashion brands who are excited to try making something vintage for the first time.”

“The Vintage Fair promises to be a unique and fun experience into our past through fashion, fun and creativity. Starting November 11th Retropolitans will definately want to join the fun.” – Lulu Castiglione, Retropolitan Magazine Articlist.


Showcasing 200+ Brands each exploring inspiration from the vintage eras of 1920 to 1980.There will be a fixed landing point for the first week, and then it will be free tping.Music everyday..

Vintage Fair *Classic

Vintage Fair *Retro

Fore more info :

In Picture : Cristine Easterling,Outfit  *League* Sakura Corset & Lingerie.

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