*** Gorean Slave ***

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Gorean Slave

Bina Slave

“About my neck had been slung several strands of beads, large, colorful wooden beads, slave beads, of different lengths.To some extent they concealed me, but they, other than my collar, were all I wore.”
Dancer of Gor  p.173

“The word “bina” is generally used to designate very pretty beads, but beads which, nonetheless, are cheap, common, and simple. They are usually of painted wood or glass. With such beads common slaves, if they are sufficiently pleasing, might hope to be permitted to adorn themselves. Sometimes slave girls fight fiercely over such beads. The best simple translation of “bina” is “slave beads.”
Players of Gor p.302

Nomad Dancer

Gorean Dancer

“Do I dance for life?” begged Midice.
I drew the Gorean blade. “Yes,” I said, “you do.”
And she danced superbly for me, every fiber of her beautiful body straining to please me, her eyes, each instant, pleading, trying to read in mine her fate. At last, when she could dance no more, she fell at my feet, and put her head to my sandals.
“Find me pleasing,” she begged. “Find me pleasing, my Master!”
Raiders of Gor, pg. 115

“… I heard from within the clash of slave bells and the bright sound of zills, or finger cymbals.”  Explorers of Gor, pg. 21

Gipsy Dancer

Picture by Cristine Easterling

Outfit: T R I D E N T Jewelry    By Rossana Llewellyn

Trident jewels and clothing are inspired by passion for medieval, ancient, ethnic and tribal jewelry and costumes.Each design combines creativity with careful research of museum replicas, archaeological findings and study of their historical symbolism.

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