From 1st to 6th May there is the Beltane Festival by 30L Events!
Let’s celebrate the sweet season with a touch of myth!

“Beltane was celebrated on 1 May, a spring-time festival of optimism. Fertility ritual again was important, in part perhaps connecting with the waxing power of the sun, symbolized by the lighting of fires through which livestock were driven, and around which the people danced in a sunwise direction.”

Many of the best creators in Second Life will display their products and offer at least 1 item for only 30L$.
There will be a hunt as well, you will need to look for a sun to get a lovely prize! Some suns will have a landmark and a hint inside, so you can go and find another prize offered by our merchants.

Teleport to Beltane Festival

Have fun!

xo Hulla

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