Gypsies,Tramps & Thieves HUNT !!

A new grid-wide hunt is coming to your world!  Whatever it is you relate to… the life of a traveller, a bohemian; Cher singing her heart out about the injustice of it all; Johnny Depp lookin’ so fine; Shakira shakin’ those hips, or the haunting strains of a Flamenco guitar…  we have the hunt for you.

A group of hand-picked merchants are bringing you Clothing, Shoes, Skins, Animated Furniture, Vehicles and so much more!

So tie a scarf around your hips, pull on all those shiny necklaces and rings and come hunt for goodies on August 1st.

—> Official Website


HINT: This Dancer has a bit of Fortune Teller in her.

HINT:  Ask the Crystal Ball for a hint.

Glimmer Moon Warehouse
HINT: 2 nudes are watching over the hunt prize!

HINT: I need a new formal dress.

Favourite Genes
HINT: I see a new tattoo in your future…

MTC Designs & MTCouture
HINT: I like it where its green…

HINT:  Please see In-Store Hint Giver

Poems of the Mists
HINT: Find a place where you can sit and relax, even cuddle with your lover

The Strawberry Box
HINT: Please See In-Store Hint Giver

10 Chrome Armory
HINT: Just A Light from The Tower

11 Holme Furnishings
HINT: Catch a Wave at Holme Furnishings to find your prize!


13 (O)tentika
HINT: Please See In-Store Hint Giver

14 Bayview Market
HINT: There are 64 Gypsy proverbs, listen to this one and you will be well rewarded
“Good horses can’t be of a bad color.”

15 Amulet
HINT: Oh Splendid Jewel, Oh Butterfly of Sensualness!
In the skies above, your treasures glimmer!

16 Raven’s Heart
HINT: The weight of the visions bends her backward

17 Roawenwood
HINT:  Please see In-Store Hint Given

18 Tree House Treasures
HINT: Please see In-Store Hint Giver

19 Howling Creations
HINT: “Play me a haunted Melody”

20 Bad Katz Textures
HINT: Find me in a forest thicket…

21 Carriage Trade Miniature
HINT: Give Me Fever!

22 Bitsy Boutique
HINT: If you look above, you will see blue. Gaze into the crystal ball to find your answer.

23 Prism Furniture
HINT: “Come on in, dearie… your fortune may be in the garden room.”

24 United InshCon
HINT: Search the Coffee Gypsy Wagons

HINT: Ask the doorman for a hint.

26 RVi Designs
HINT: Please see In-Store Hint Giver

27 SR Leatherwerkx for Creators
HINT: Please see the In-Store Hint Giver

28 Piddler’s Perch
HINT: Even Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves have sudden attacks of Vanity

29 Silent Sanctuary
HINT: Between two skulls is where to look, you’ll find your prize in the reading nook

30 enLightened
HINT: One joystick and one button was all you needed.

31 Leonine Fantasy Avatars & Accessories
HINT: Please See In-Store Hint Giver

32 NeoVictoria Steampunk SkyMall (TP to the Visitors Center)

33 Gypsy Wares
HINT: Only the truly fortunate get to sit down!

34 BoatHouse
HINT: On a shelf or near a shelf

35 Bound & Bitten
HINT:  Please see In-Store Hint Giver

36 Senzafine
HINT:  Please see In-Store Hint Giver

37 T R I D E N T
HINT: “Your prize hides under a gypsy wagon”

38 Nishi Designs
HINT: The heart holds your gift.

39 bacidalucia Chicago
HINT: Gypsy loves chocolate

40 T R I D E N T Jewelry
HINT: “In plain sight, by candle light, the prize lays”

41 Time Lost Furniture
HINT: At the till but no shopkeeper

42 Kastle Rock Couture
HINT: Please See In-Store Hint Giver

43 .Sugar & Cyanide.
HINT: Do you want to request a song?

44 JSF Designs
HINT: I can see that you will find me surrounded by other tools of my mistress’s trade.

45 *SLAVE* DreSSing RooM
HINT: “..around the column”

46 *ionic*
HINT: “let yourself be guided by the rhythm of percussion and find what you’re looking for”

47 Serendipity Designs
HINT: ”tea for two and two for tea”

48 Poets of Zarahemla
HINT:  If you spot the question you’ll find the answer.

49 Caged Fury Designs
HINT: Your first prize must be stolen from the belly of the beast. (4 Additional Prizes at this location.)

50 BlackRose Fashion
HINT: Can you see the light?

51 Impish
HINT: Tramp?! Thief?! I’m a PILLAR of the community!

52 blah.BLAH.blah
HINT: We should Save our money that we  thieve, we’d be rich.

53 MadPea
HINT: The tools of the trade for every good gypsy  can be found here. Tarro, Ouija and a ball of crystal.  Check them out and you shall be rewarded.

54 Cortes’n’Rossini
HINT: Protected by the Black Guard

55 Brass in Pocket
HINT: Try your hand at the beauty of Art

56 Independent Objects / Sweet Revolutions
HINT: Hey Gypsies. Where do we carry all our paraphernalia? Perhaps on a wagon?

57 Incendia Outdoors
HINT: Please See the In-Store Hint Giver

58 Renee India
HINT: A very Limited hint.

59 >l kinky kajira l<
HINT:In this glass, I see far and wide…
I’ll tell you this I’m not hard to find.
Be you a clever fox,
You’ll find me beside the box.

60 Violet Moon Creations

61 Maha’s Needful Things
HINT: Without light we all are blind, look into the light, the gift you will find!

62 Story of O2
HINT:  between the darkness and the rising sun

63 Lyrieal’s Boutique

64 Mystique
HINT: Where I rest smells so nice
the petal tips look like ice

65 Passionette
HINT: “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.”

66 .:K&B:. Katitudes and Boneisms
HINT: Bizzy was looking at your fortune and he dropped the crystal ball. I think I saw it roll under the chair.

67 [TF] Tamiron Forge
HINT: “I bet this “Sassy” gypsy girl would know where the gift is hidden”

68 The Crossing
HINT: Look near the light.

69 Earthly Delights
HINT:  You are so Lucky!

70 ~*Heretica*~
HINT:  Please see In-Store Hint Giver

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