The Creator’s Canjellne

What is the Creator’s Canjellne?

The Creator’s Canjellne is a sales group in which every month creators will receive a quote from the Gorean Novels and are asked to create something in the BTB style based on THEIR interpretation of the quote. Prices will range from 50 L to 250 L during the sale period to keep things from being either over or under priced.

This Month’s Quote ~ The Turian Camisk:

The women in bondage present, who served us, each wore four golden rings on each ankle, and each wrist, locked on, which clashed as they walked or moved, adding their sound to the slave bells that had been attached to their Turian collars, and that hung from their hair; the ears of each, too, had been pierced and from each ear hung a tiny slave bell. The single garment of these women was the Turian Camisk. I do not know particularly why it is called a camisk, save that it is a simple garment for a female slave. The common camisk is a single piece of cloth, about eighteen inches wide, thrown over the girls head and worn like a poncho. It usually falls a bit above the knees in front and back and is belted with a cord our chain. The Turian camisk, on the other hand, if it were to be laid out on the floor, would appear somewhat like an inverted ‘T’ in which the bar of the ‘T’: would be beveled on each side. It is fastened with a single cord. The cord binds the girl at three points, behind the neck, behind the back, and in front at the waist. The garment itself, as might be supposed, fastens behind the girls neck passes before her, passes between her legs, and is then lifted and, folding the two side of the T`s bar about her hips, ties in front. The Turian camisk, unlike the common camisk, will cover the girls brand; on the other hand, unlike the common camisk, it leaves the back uncovered and can be tied, and is, snugly, the better to disclose the girls beauty.
Nomads of Gor    –pg. 90

:SH: The Turian Camisk

[geek.] MESH Lobes with slave bell

*May’s Soul* Turian girl

*OAL* Turian Dreams

!IMP! Tasty Turian Green


Items for this round will be on sale at this price from 09/15/2012 until 09/22/2012


The list:

Severed Heart

Returned Karma

On a Lark

– May’s Soul

Sweet Poison

xo Hulla

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