BTB Collection

*Coin Slut* Outfit,with/without bell sound,coins bag.2 Colors option.Chains and rags..

Inspired by the book.

“It is called the Street of the Writhing Slave. It is dark and narrow, and not far from the wharves. It has its name from the fact that most renters of, and dealers in, Coin Girls in Victoria, keep their kennels on this street. The girls of the day…wearing their neck chains, with the attached bell and coin box, are sent into the streets in the late afternoon and expected to return before the nineteenth ahn. And woe to the girl who does not return with a jangling coin box on her neck chain!”
Guardsman of Gor,pg.141

*Bath Girl* Outfit,2 towel options,chains and strap..

Inspired by the book.

She had wrapped about her a piece of toweling. Her eyes were blue. She was a magnificent swimmer, strong and vital. Her blond hair was cut very short to protect it from the water; even so, in swimming, such girls often wrapped a long broad strap of glazed leather about their head, in a turban of sorts. Beneath the toweling Nela wore nothing; about her neck, rather than the common slave collar, she, like the other bath girls, wore a chain and plate. On her plate was the legend: I am Nela of the Capacian Baths. Pool of Blue Flowers. I cost one tarsk.” Assassin of Gor, pg. 150

*White Silks* Outfit,2 accessories colors,more options.Jewelry and white silks..

Inspired by the book.

The white silk slave is not necessarily a virgin, it was used in the books also to punish a red silk girl by forbidding her from all sexual use. They are generally permitted to serve drinks and food and conversation but sexual use is forbidden and corporal punishment is at the hands of the owners. There is some controversy in using this term as many Goreans feel only a “true virgin” should be white silk, this view varies depending on the region of Gor.  It should be noted that there is no such thing as “putting a slave in white silks to reserve them for thier Master’s use”, this is a fallacy which was started in online forums because some slaves did not wish to serve other Masters.  Slaves are slaves, they serve the free, if you are a slave, serve.
Assassin of Gor pg 88 and Explorers of Gor pg 172

BTB Collection by *SLAVE* DreSSing RooM

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