The Creator’s Canjellne

*The Dancer* Armlet,Necklace,Belt: Severed Heart    -The Creator’s Canjellne-

MeSh Hair *Midnight Oasis* : Vanity Hair

Skin: Dream Ink

The Creator’s Canjellne is a sales group in which every month creators will receive a quote from the Gorean Novels and are asked to create something in the BTB style based on THEIR interpretation of the quote. Prices will range from 50 L to 250 L during the sale period to keep things from being either over or under priced.

This Month’s Quote ~ The Gorean Dancer
“I had scrambled on my knees for the coins flung to the floor, seizing them, thrusting them hastily, so many of them, with one hand, into the lifted, bunched portion, held by my other hand, of the dancing skirt, a lovely, swirling skirt, scarlet, open on the right, of diaphanous dancing silk. I had been permitted a scarlet halter of the same material. My midriff, like my right thigh, was bared. The skirt was low on my hips. I wore a double belt of threaded, jangling coins, one strand high, one low, as with the corded belt of metal pieces I had worn in my virgin dance, weeks ago. I also wore a triple necklace of coins, together with necklaces of slave beads, of both glass and wood. These coins, all of them, would be counted by Mirus when I disrobed. On my left ankle were bound slave bells. My right ankle wore several anklets. I was barefoot. On my wrists were bracelets. On my upper left arm was a coiled armlet. A ruby, held by a chain, was at my forehead. Wound in and about my hair were strands of pearls.” – Dancer of Gor – pages 222-223

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