New Fantasy Hunt

Oct 18th / 31st

Theme: Fantasy.

—> Start Point

Do not forget the Hunt HUD,available in the start point.

List of Stores & Hint:

#01 (In)Discretions! MATURE You’ll find your gift in the backyard!
#02 *Shack* MATURE Light the way to the Beautiful people….
#03 Stone’s Works MATURE Scales Feather or Fur ?Which creature holds your Gift !
#04 HUDSON’s Clothing Co. MATURE This place is huge it has 5 floors but don’t dispare by climbing stairs you can find many things :-)
#05 Shey MATURE Check New Releases…
#06 Brandy’s Boutique MATURE “Is anyone going to answer that phone!”
#07 Ziva’s Underground Footwear MATURE Ziva’s – These Western boots are such a delight, you’ll find me kicking up my heels all night.
#08 *SLAVE* MATURE “..Shy fairies love the sunlight..”
#09 [dirty.little.secret] MATURE I can hear the Bells of Ireland from here!
#10 FLOOR CANDY ADULT Sometimes fairy’s get caught and freedom is just out of reach
#11 Carriage Trade Miniature MATURE Ooh la la, Madamoiselle Colette is ready to ring the chapel bell and become Madame Colette!
#12 The Gold Club MATURE Don’t forget, always look behind
#13 Red Dahlia’s Boutique MATURE second floor, our complete avatar heather awaits you. what you seek is just behind her.
#14 Dani’s MATURE What does the Angel of Death look like? Blue maybe?
#15 USC Textures MATURE What will your fortune be this day?
#16 Muschi Poses MATURE I like zombies!
#17 Destiny’s Designs MATURE Destiny’s – Gotta keep on track when your exploring the Outback.
#18 Imagine Flowers and Garden MATURE Blue Dreams
#19 Wild Serenity MATURE Life is a mystery
#20 ~THUNDERBOLT~ MATURE “Oh where Oh where, Can my Baby Be……. If I Look Hard Enough….. She is Next To Me”
#21 Petit Chat MATURE Find a quiet corner, rest on the rocking chair and take a book or… whatever else on the shelf
#22 Silent Woods MATURE You found me at the Jewelry Room.
#23 Ramel’s Design MATURE Which dress should I buy?
#24 VIPs Corner MATURE i love trips , this time i will go by ship but i need to wear an outfit with that theme!! to be a Sailor Girl !!
#25 TigerLady’s Designs MATURE i like to meditate
#26 Paris METRO Couture MATURE To find your Paris METRO Couture prize…Wander up stairs to the back of the room near the stairs you will find something flighty.
#27 Carrie’s Lingerie MATURE Hint: Carrie sings “My heart’s on fire for ELVIRA. Giddy Up Oom Pumpkin Omm Pumpkin Mow Mow. Giddy Up Oom Pumpkin Omm Pumpkin Mow Mow.
#28 @->~InSpired Designs~<-@ MATURE Check the Hunt Hints board at the front of the store.
#29 [Demonic] MATURE If you have come looking for the river of dreams,You will find nothing but terror and dread,I invite you to wade in the river of screams,Where blood cascades here instead.
#30 Indigo Oddities PG I promise going up the stairs will get you LUCKY.
#31 Bitsy Boutique MATURE “Don’t go far, don’t look hard, the prize is not far, and not hard to find.”
#32 Kat Scratch Fever MATURE Don’t trip over me or you will get a mouth full of green!
#33 RVi Design MATURE Always check the top shelves!It’s where fairies hide the scrolls from elves…
#34 The Skin You’re In’! MATURE Look in the back
#35 Suki’s Silken Fashions MATURE Suki’s – If ye fetch me an ale, I shall love thee and be thy Guardian forever
#36 Alehandrita Design ADULT Painting is silent poetry.
#37 Envisage:Limitless MATURE Ethereal Bounds
#38 natiLee MATURE Almost every item in my shop is set at 10% discount. But this discount is special. It is sitting on a shelf under this special sale, surrounded by bricks.
#39 Redrose Jewellry MATURE After all the hunting you will need a rest
#40 Jinxed Toys & Magic MATURE Help! I’m upstairs! With a pyromaniac!
#41 LUSTY”S ADULT I know I set that object on the table. It must have slipped on to the floor.
#42 SlutWear by Lexi ADULT After a long Day of Hunting, sit down and rest for a Spell
#43 Mae Fairy Tale MATURE Let’s talk to the squirrel !
#44 IB-Designs ADULT I hope the Gift lives through the sacrific..
#45 Aniri’s Boutique PG I change my letters every few minutes, if you’re lucky you get a prize too
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