Winter is Coming ::Hunt::

★☾ °★ ° :. ☾ ☆ ¸. °★☾ °★ ☾ ☆ ☾ ☆ *★
● ☾◑   Winter is Coming Hunt ● ☾◑
November 2 – 16, 2012
A Role Players Hunt

List of Store & Hints:

0    Reliquia

HINT:  Oh, shield me from the hunters!

1    Chrome Armory

HINT:  See In-Store Hint Giver

2    MTC Designs & MTCouture

HINT:  Zima likes Snowflakes, Holly, Wreaths and Crystals!

3    ~*Souzou Eien*~

HINT:  Please See In-Store Hint Giver

4     Poems of the Mists

HINT:  Look near the warm Fires

5    Nocturnal Needs

HINT:  If you want to make money, grab our Affiliate Kit. If you want a cool prize, just take a look around it.

6    .::Kre-ations::.

HINT:  This is the sound of a Broken Heart

7    !-[LoveFactory]-

HINT:  Look for the perfect coffee table

8    Bayview Market

HINT:  The falling snowflakes look so pretty.

9    The Strawberry Box

HINT:  Please See In-Store Hint Giver

10     >l kinky kajira l<

+++  This store had to drop out due to rl emergency.  +++

11    Carriage Trade Miniature

HINT:  “And they call it….puppy love….”

12    Alehandrita Design

HINT:  We are four sisters….one is green, one is hot, one is cold, and I am…

13     BlackRose Fashion

HINT:  Hanging Around

14    Aphrodite Shop

HINT:  Dont you sometimes wish to be child again?

15    {NS} Nadeau Shoppe

HINT:  Powdering my nose and looking in the mirror before a long day’s journey.

16    T R I D E N T

HINT:  “Seek by the snow, where snow falls”

17    ViPs CoRnEr

HINT: I want to be a Valentine Gift Girl…

18    GUHL Lighthouse    –  NOT READY YET

HINT:  Have a look on the floor its inside the store area :)

19    The Crossing

HINT:  Look near the well

20    Raven’s Heart

HINT:  The sneaky ones always hide them behind their backs

21    Amulet

HINT:  Are the couch dust bunnies rioting again?

22    Bound & Bitten

HINT:  Please See In-Store Hint Giver

23    COZI

HINT:  Do you have full permission to play with that fire?

24    T R I D E N T Jewelry

HINT:  “Autumn Leaves Hide the Prize”

25    Dani’s

HINT:  Please See In-Store Hint Giver

26    Tree House Treasures

HINT:  Please See In-Store Hint Giver

27    Shey

HINT:  I am at the Promo Section

28    Roawenwood

HINT:  Please See In-Store Hint Giver

29    ViGo Creations

HINT:   When Winter is Coming I’m coming to life.

Children would love to play with me,

Grown-ups think me romantic,

Though I have a curious heart.

My time is coming now again,

To bring light and warmth to your homes.

Do you know who I am?

Then come and visit me,

I’m hiding something for you.

30    .::Digi-StyleZ::.

HINT:  Snow in my windowsill


HINT:  Was Naughty and Sent To…

32    *SLAVE* DreSSing RooM

HINT:  ” …in a corner”

33    Hearth & Home

HINT:  It sure would be nice to see a green man in the middle of winter.

34    NUTS, Inc.

HINT:  YEAH.. right in the “face”!!!

35    Isis Boutique

HINT:  Dig, Dig, Dig!

37    United InshCon

HINT:  Search the White Barrel Home

38    SR Leatherwerkx for Creators

HINT:  Please see In-Store Hint Giver

39    irrisistible shop

HINT:  Eve loves to live here

40    [TF] Tamiron Forge

HINT:  “Find the Ice Warrior, then look up!”

41    Suki’s Silken Fashions  — NOT READY YET

HINT:  Don’t act so shady when your in the presence of Lancelot’s lady.

42    Destiny’s Designs  — NOT READY YET

HINT:  Through the darkness and into the light is where you’ll find this Jedi Knight.

43    Ziva’s Underground Footware  — NOT READY YET

HINT:  These Hoth snow boots shall keep me warm and dry.

44    Leonine Fantasy Avatars & Accessories

HINT:  Please See In-Store Hint Giver

45    *IO* + *SR*  (Independent Objects + Sweet Revolutions)

HINT:  Waterfalls don´t freeze, so you can find the treasure behind the cold water.

46    \\\ Cilian’gel 1920′s Boutique ///

HINT:  Let’s blouse and look for the anchor!

47    Senzafine     ++++  This store will be late due to storms in the US.

HINT:  The light of the night sky is most enchanting during the gloaming. Winter’s colors always reflect beautiful blues and purples.

48    Otentika   – NOT READY YET

HINT:  A good fire in winter to warm up … OMG … I melt!

51    Asian Flair

HINT:  Some furniture Sets are just lovely

52    FLOOD

HINT:  I am hiding with the only snow i can find.

53    [Dandelion Wine]

HINT: Gift, Is Next With a Gift

54    PeKaS Design

HINT:  Feed my panda plz

55    ..:: Drunk Devil ::..

HINT:  The Crazy Clown has the Smile of the Devil…

56    [ l u x u r i a n t ]

HINT:  Even snow likes to warm up sometimes

57    Kittycat’s Creations

HINT:  Arrgh..there be PIRATES I am gonna hide behind em where dey will never think ta look!

58     Incendia Outdoors

HINT:  Please See In-Store Hint Giver

59    Bitsy Boutique

HINT:  “You don’t need to fly and we don’t have stairs, try the elevator.”

60    Christmas Fair

HINT:  Christmas frosting mmmm :)

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