MeSh Female Harness

NEW MeSh Female Harness: [H]arsh

New Wave Kink by Darien Caldwell


– Fully conforming mesh attachment; moves and bends naturally.
– Multiple Integrated Texture Zones.
– Low PE (prim equivalence) rating, easy on the frame rates.
– High detail level, gorgeous.
– Control every aspect of Appearance, via the Aspect HUD.
– HUD can be loaned to a friend so they can help you set your look!
– HUD supports custom positioning and can be worn on *any* HUD attach point!
– Multiple owners
– Timelock
– Integrated Leash with two points. Post, yank, beckon, or link them.
– Ultra-Low Lag and Low Script count.
(Harness: 1 script 64k | Aspect HUD: 2 scripts 80k)

– [H]arsh FLEX Control HUD compatible.
– Dari’s Haus Linking compatible
– Lockmeister compatible
– Standard Sizing compatible
– RLV compatible

*In Box: The Harness,The Aspect HUD,The FLEX Control HUD,2 Leash handles,1 Leashing post,Example shape fitted to the included size.

NEW MeSh Harness: [H]arsh

Tattoo: Dream Ink

Nails: Mandala

Collar: Open Collar

MeSh Barefeet tiptoes: SLink

NEW MeSh Hair *Bria* : Truth

Skin*Jin* : Dream Ink

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