Summary of the latest release

Sugarass – Daria
- Sugarass - Daria
Una – Apron
apron pic
Luas – Antonia
Antonia brown e green luas
May’s Soul – Laia
Laia camisk
Luas – Anastasia
anastasia black luas
Luas – Debbie
Debbie teal luas
May’s soul – Eugin
eugin camisk2
Luas – Vero
Vero beige luas
Una -Mini dress for free
mini drees free
Tentacio – Kumi pants
kumi pants

May’s Soul – Thief
thief brown
Luas – Poor
Poor red Luas

Im wearing with Daria – Antonia – Anastasia – Debbie – Vero – Poor
Skin: [HUSH] Madison Gold Cream
/Wasabi Pills/ Lumi 2 Mesh Hair – Chocolate

xo Hulla

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