Welcome to CoLab Kits!

CoLab Kits is the first, the original, the best, and a true collaborated group in Second Life.

As of July 2011 CoLab’s now has two sides. Full perm Creators Kit and Consumer (end user) kits.

What is CoLab Creators Kits?
CoLab Creators Kits is a promotional kit that is made by individual artists and content creators grid wide. Each kit will collaborate with kits made by others. Each part of the kit is made with the creators own style. We are working together to make the ultimate kit for you our customers! Each round will consist of two sides A FULL PERM side and a CONSUMER side.

To collect all the parts of the kit you can travel from store to store to collect all the pieces to the current kit. Kits will be on sale for two weeks and priced between $20L and $60L depending on there contents.

Every two weeks there is a new theme. New colors, new ideas, new fun!

You can join either our SL list or the no group-group (does not take one of the SL group spots.) to get a notecard list sent to you every two weeks of the stores that have joined in this round. Then simply visit each shop to collect the kits you want or to collect the whole set and have the Ultimate CoLab kit. These kits are offered for 2 weeks only. After that time it is up to each individual creator whether to retire or continue selling their part of the kit. So don’t be left out.


For more information feel free to contact CoLab Release.

CoLab Kit 65 - Feeling Under The Weather

≈≈ Kit 65 is available from February 7th – February 20th ≈≈

→ KIT 65 Creators kit contributing artists: (in random order)

1. Sweet Seduction Inc
2. Fairy Unique Designs (FUD)
3. Designs by Sebastian
4. Designs By Shalenda
5. Higs
7. AtiXx
8. DramaZone
9. What A Mesh!
10. Caramba
12. EBDesign – The little Shop
13. Lyrieal’s Boutique
14. Sick Bubblegum
15. Brent’s Book Nook
16. Bad Katz Textures
17. Ass Kicking Angels (AKA)
18. Textures by Corry & Night
19. CoLab Laboratory

→ KIT 65 Consumer kit contributing artists: (in random order)

1. Hanta
2. Aphrodite Shop
3. Steaming Ahead
5. Caramba
6. PDN’s Potpourri
7. [: B!ASTA :]
8. plowwies jammies & slippers
9. Designs by Sebastian
10. Gothic’s Musing

A preview of the next theme, Thanks to Poliaks Emporium by Robbyn!
CoLab66 Lucky Pirate Pot ByR!

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