Beautiful Woman

..Simple but usefull suggests to always be gorgeous.
Here you can find also few of my favpourite items, but with a closer search in the blog, you can find lots more, just write on the “search”, up to the right side of the blog page, whatever you are looking for, “skins”, “mesh hair”, “barefeet”, etc..

Shape & Skin
Use a mod & copy shape, because:
you can customize it to be unic, and save more than one copy.
I also suggest a very detailed skin, with natural make up, so you can wear different tattoos make up for more occasions.
My favourite skin labels are Dream Ink and Belleza.

I love feet, i like walking by barefeet and also… i’m a slave! every slave needs feet, they give the avatar an innovaive look, and they are beautiful for the sight. there are a lot of kind of barefeet, like low, medium, tiptoe, pointe.

*SLAVE* Blog LandingPoint offers a wide choice of barefeet,available free for all blog followers.

Barefeet RIGGEDMESH tiptoes vend

Unrigged Mesh & RIGGED Mesh Barefeet..

..what is the difference?
RiggedMesh Barefeet is attached to your avatar skeleton,For this reason the foot moves with you,your feet changes depending on the position of the avatar.
UnriggedMesh Barefeet is stationary and unchanging.

I suggest SLink (also mesh kind now) , Maitreya and N-core.

Nails are fondamental too, they give that raffinated and sensual feeling, there are very different kind, with different colours and combined decorations.
I discovered Mandala nails, they are fantastic, they have the hud so you can totally customize them every time you need to, very handy, look at the picture for the example !

I like also Love Soul nails, the simple kind particularly, for your casual outfit, and Candy Nail too, it’s marvellous for special events.

Don’t forget about eyelashes, evey woman want to have a charming gaze, flapping thos cat eye lashes, so girls, do not forget lashes for a perfect outfit.
My favourite one? for sure prim lashes by LeLutka. There are many kinds, I have them all, i also combine them together for a better result.
You can also find mesh lashes by Maitreya for gift!!!

Absolutly important, hairs are our passpartout, tired of those wood looking and plastic effect, now is time for mesh hair. Excellent to dance or moving like a cat, and also gorgeous for the sight. I suggest both mesh and no mesh kinds, but with a very definded texture, to give them a real look. I adore Wasabi Pills and LeLutka, but also Maitreya.

You will find all my other suggestions on the blog, like always, with pictures and lot of usefull lm for your need, just click on the name of the shop you want to tp you there.

Have fun and good shopping time !

Cristine Easterling

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Woman

  1. Thank you for your suggestions! I tried many nails, but they all float when my avatar fingers close or move. Even with mesh nails. I wonder if there is any nail that works.

    • Hi Dear,
      I think that there are no nails that move together with the fingers,maybe mesh nails but..i’m not sure.
      Nails are attached to the hands,as some bracelets also or rings,if they move together fingers would be bad.Fingers should be in the same position..
      When I find nails super improved I’ll tell you (◕‿-。)
      Thanks for your comment ❤ KiSseS

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