✎ This page is reserved to comunications  to readers, designers, etc..

..For an easy matter, i’ll write communications by decreasing order, from the most recent to the oldest one, by date. The recent ones can be found up in this page.


• 14 August,2012 •

..By now “ღSlave” Blog is almost 2 years old..
I would like to thank all the Sponsors.They allow me to pursue my passion.
Some months was born the Blog’s group,with over 2000 girls blog followers,still growing.
I want to give it to all my sponsors..because this website exists thanks to them.
Below the Slave Blog statistics,in recent weeks —>

*Thanks to all those who work and love this blog*

Cristine Easterling



• 17 February,2012 •

I have a Blogger Collaborator: Hullanta Resident. All my Sponsor can send her review copies.

Regards,Cristine Easterling


• 07 November,2011 •

To Designers & Owners Store —> In this blog there are 2 Pages about Collars and Gorean Weapons.There are some pictures and landmark in report to shops.Please,feel free to send me your vendor texture,picture to put on the pages.Thank you*

( I remember you,This blog does not accept any form of cash advertising)

Cristine Easterling


• 26 October,2011 •

Result of the Poll of 22 October “What do you prefer?”


• 25 October,2011 •

This blog was born in February 2011, while months passed i made several changements and, as you can see, posts and pictures got better, and i added more links and usefull pages..
I publish like 1 post par day, today this blog counts 345 posts.

 So i want to thank all my sponsors, every “fashion syndicate” web site, every bloggers who added my link, everyone who partecipated and, most of all, my readers

In this last month, the blog reached the hightest number of visits, 1795 in the 23th october.  For who’s curious, i took a picture of the statistic with my web cam.

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