Gorean Weapons..

..All Torvis weapons are scripted by Alika Web parameters.

That means they are totally LEGAL  and you can use it in every gorean Sim.

Gorean Weapons compatible with GM and GLM. Some for DCS and CCS too.

More Info:

TORVIS Gorean Weapons Blog



Store in Second Life Marketplace —>   TORVIS

Inworld Store —>   TORVIS


Centipede Weapons is a new brand.Best design and scripts. For this we have 3 people working a lot everyday

..Respecting all specs according the meters they are designed for.

 “Centipede weapons respect 100% all the specs to work according with the meters they are designed for, like GM, LCS etc
We try our scripts before putting our things to sell, using all sorts of testing machines. Also during the certification period for GM respected testers Like Kerry Young and Selo Jacobus made reports about it.Their list is the most well known one around SL Gor. And according with it, our weapons are LEGAL”.

   ..Here just some.

                                                     More Centipede Weapons —> Centipede Weapons – Marketplace

* Inworld Store

* Inworld Store


GTS Weapons, best design, high quality details and best scripts.

Native for GM and LCS meter compatible with the most used meter like ML, GML, Honor, DCS2 and more…

 Weapons for all fighter family people, outlaw, panthers, mercenary, red caste, free woman, slaves etc…and siege weapons and scripts.


                                                                                                    —> website: http://www.gtsweapons.com

More GTS Weapons:

 – GTS Weapons Marketplace –

 GTS DESIGN SIM (Inworld Store)

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