SLAVE Blog’s Group


*Policy / Rules

All are welcome,especially slaves in general and gorean player.
Who wants to have a Tag, feel free to contact Cristine Easterling.
*Landing Point: SLAVE Blog Landing Point

Gift,help,information,websites,LM,events,hunts,fairs,sale,new releases store,fashion,shopping,etc etc.

*You can: Use chat,send notice,invite new members.
Everyone is free,in respect for All.
-Designers and Owners Store can send notice about new releases etc.
-Owners gorean Land and/or Land for Slave can send notice about special events.
-All can send notice about general info,fairs,hunts,gift,etc.
*Is not acceptable:
– IMs , teasing , TP , disturb , etc.. All group Members.
– All that is rude , disrespectful , etc.
– All that is SPAM not for information.

For any info please contact Cristine Easterling , or leave a comment (can be anonymous and unpublished) in my blog

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