RLV. All Information you need

RLV is a program which allows a Dominant controlling the Sub’s viewer.RLV gives Dominants th ability to really FORCE the Sub to do things!It makes your bondage experience in SL feel a little more “real” .

The following things and more can be forced on the Sub, just by click, without their permission:

* Gag: Chat and IM prevention on demand, with exceptions if needed

* Control TP: Teleport and sit-tp prevention on demand, with exceptions if needed

* Editing and Rezzing prevention on demand

* Force Strip or Dress: Adding/Removing clothes on demand, force attach or remove objects and outfits

* Lock clothes: Attachments can be made undetachable (a collar for example!)

* Capture: Force sit and prevent stand up (even after a relog) on demand

* Isolate: Hide location, map and minimap, hide names of other avatars

* Blind the sub (totally Black Screen)



For Dominants:

The Restrained Life Viewer and the many RLV compatible restraints and controls are designed for Dominents (owners/Masters and Mistresses) and submissives (pets/”slaves”/etc) in SecondLife.The Dominant does not have to use the RLV, although many do, under their own control.The Dominant ensures that the sub is using the RLV and is wearing a control device like a collar or ring.  (Open Collar is RLV enabled!)

When submissive submits to you, you will tell them to wear the control device and give it the “owner” command, with your name.  This is often part of a ceremony.  After that, you are in control, and you can issue commands to the collar or ring directly.If you own RLV compatible dungeon furniture, like a rack or tank, you may also issue commands to it, which will cause the submissive to be captured and bound to it, against their will.  You can then manipulate them and only release them at your pleasure.

For Submissives:

The submissive must use the RLV in order to fully submit to their Owner, in SecondLife.When you submit to your Master or Mistress, they will instruct you to wear your control device like a RLV compatible collar or ring, or something with a RLV “relay” in it.You Owner will then tell you to give the device the “owner” command with their name.  This is often part of a ceremony.  After that, they are in control, and you may be forced to obey.

What is needed for RLV?

The Restraint Life Viewer or if you use Phoenix, a change in Phoenix preferences:

* The Restrained Life Viewer runs instead of the normal SecondLife Viewer, on the person’s computer.  It is created from the Linden souce code.  Much more information is available about it along with the download, and on the SL wiki.

The RLV client is a free download for MS-Windows, MacOS-X and Linux, get it here:


* with Phoenix:

Open Preferences, go to “Phoenix” –> “Misc” –> last option “activate RLV function”. Then relog and you’re in RLV .

RLV enabled attachment/collar (Open Collar works fine!)

*As soon as the Sub has the Restrained Life Viewer or RLV in Phoenix activated, the Dominant can play with the RLV functions in the collar menu…have fun!

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