Sept 10th is World Suicide Prevention Day


I run the Survivors of Suicide Group in SL for the last 5 years. We have over 400 members. We an are active group this is free.

Our goal is to help people in SL find real life help near them. We offer 24.7 peer to peer support inworld and education on how to prevent suicide and deal with depression. This group does not offer therapy. That should be done in real life with a trained and licensed professional.

In real life I am a social worker, so this is a issue close to my heart. You can make a difference and write in your blog about the Survivors of Suicide- Depression Support Project in sl to help people find us and prevent suicide.

Thank you
Krissy Sinclair


RiggedMesh Barefeet *GiFT*

Barefeet RIGGEDMESH tiptoes vendAvailable free to all Blog Followers ❤ HERE: *SLAVE* DreSSing RooM

Unrigged Mesh & RIGGED Mesh Barefeet..
..what is the difference?
RiggedMesh Barefeet is attached to your avatar skeleton,For this reason the foot moves with you,your feet changes depending on the position of the avatar.
UnriggedMesh Barefeet is stationary and unchanging.

Unrigged Mesh & RIGGED Mesh Barefeet..
..Qual è la differenza?
I piedi di RiggedMesh sono attaccati allo scheletro dell’avatar,per questo motivo essi si muovono insieme al piede,seguono cioè i movimenti del collo del piede ecct,cambiando anche forma e posizione.
I piedi di Mesh Unrigged rimangono fermi e non cambiano forma,perchè,se pur attaccati anch’essi allo scheletro,la mesh unrigged non ha possibilità di seguire i movimenti del corpo.

Unrigged Mesh & RIGGED Mesh Barefeet..
… Cuál es la diferencia?
Los pies de RiggedMesh están pegados al esqueleto del avatar, por este motivo, se mueven conjuntamente con el pie, siguen los movimientos del tobillo ecc. Cambiando también la forma y la posición.
Los Pies de Mesh Unrigged no tienen movimiento y no cambian de forma, porque si bien están pegados también ellos al esqueleto del avatar, el mesh unrigged no tiene la posibilidad de seguir los movimientos del cuerpo.

*SLAVE* NewOpening

Slave NEW Sim

*SLAVE* Blog LandingPOiNT

*SLAVE* DreSSing RooM {G O R E A N}

*SLAVE* DreSSing RooM IPINK sim..

To celebrate the new opening a special gift waiting for you !!

BlogLandingPoint LOGO Slave Dressing Room Logo SLAVE DRESSING ROOM IlovePINK NEWlogo


Cala Ginger Outfit

Cala Ginger Outfit – Sweet Lies
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Lory – Chocolate
Skin: [Hush] Addison Skin – Bronzed

xo Hulla



Outfit: Enyo Black by Sweet Poison
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Lory – Chocolate
Skin: [Hush] Addison Skin – Bronzed

xo Hulla

#206# **Suad** Farmer woman


Outfit from **Suad** Farmer woman (jewellery included)
Skin from [Hush] Addison Skin – Violet in Cream
Hair from /Wasabi Pills/ Arcade – Chocolate

xo Hulla

#205# Suad *new*

**Suad**Camisk Fur Bond
**Suad**Camisk Rascal
**Suad**Silence Camisk
**Suad** Worker Pants Dark BrownSnapshot_018

I present you with much pleasure a new Gorean brand.
Young and cheap, give it a look^^

Suad Store on MP

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Brunilda Red Outfit – Sweet Lies

Tameless Hair Hallie – Naturals

Pose: ::Axix:: drama 3

xo Hulla



!gO [CR]sweater gorilla & !gO! Cello dress red

Tameless Hair Shakira – Naturals

[Hush] Charlotte Skin – Sage

xo Hulla



Outfit: *OAL* Lilith ~ Ruby

[Hush] Jenny Skin – Glow

/Wasabi Pills/ Betty Mesh Hair

Poses from Axix :: drama ::

xo Hulla




Maiko Pink Outfit – Sweet Lies *new*

[Hush] Jenny Skin – Glow – Vanilla *new*

/Wasabi Pills/ Sunny Mesh Hair – Chocolate

Pose: Axix :: lola & drama::

xo Hulla

#200# In the Dark

OAL Angelica ~ BlackTaupe
OAL Angelica ~ BlackTaupe

Cersei Red Outfit – Sweet Lies
Cersei Red Outfit - Sweet Lies Box

OAL Ringer ~ Jewels
OAL Ringer ~ Jewels

xo Hulla

#199# The latest releases of the week

Dakota .:Una:.

Utah Pink Outfit – Sweet Lies

-Dotties- Cutie Girl Special for TUKH
-Dotties- Cutie Girl Special for TUKH

Sweet Lies

xo Hulla